Business Growth Expert

Bob Frare has been helping sales organizations increase sales for the past four decades.

As an author, professional speaker, and executive sales management coach, Bob has designed and delivered thousands of custom sales programs for companies across the US and Canada.

Bob has personally made thousands of sales calls for a broad spectrum of industries and coached hundreds of sales managers to become more effective.

He has studied public speaking for three decades and has delivered over 4,000 professional presentations and speeches.

Bob lives in South Florida and has one daughter and four grandchildren.

Executive Presentation Skills

Advanced Public Speaking Skills for Executives at Work

    • Advanced Presentations Skills at Work

    • Dealing with Fear, Anxiety, and Adrenalin While Presenting

    • Dress, Image, and Presence While Presenting

    • How to Prepare for a Presentation

    • Content and Delivery

    • Effective Introductions

    • Lecterns, Podiums, Microphones, and Teleprompters

    • Body Language and Nonverbal Communication

    • Opening and Closing a Presentation

    • What Time is it?

    • Holding the Attention of Your Audience

    • Verbal Agendas as an Opening

    • Clarity of Purpose of Your Presentation

    • Running Effective Meetings

    • Stories, Examples, and Illustrations to Hold People’s Attention

    • Breaking the Sameness

    • PowerPoint, Technology, and Visual Aids

    • How to Present in a Virtual or Hybrid Environment

How to Build and Nurture a High-Performing Sales Culture

Nine Specific Action Steps Sales Leaders can Implement to Build Thriving Sales Cultures

    • How to Hire the Right People for Your Sales Job Expectations

    • Using Collaborative Sales Planning for Full Engagement

    • Identifying Key Accounts and Action Planning

    • How to Motivate Salespeople with Creative Compensation Plans

    • Provide Product and Sales Training to Ensure Selling Success

    • Building Sales Coaching Skills

    • Run Effective Sales Meetings

    • Making Effective Joint Sales Calls

  • Presentation Skills for Sales People and Sales Managers